• Demi Davidson

Alcohol & Spirituality - how alcohol keeps us stuck at a lower vibration

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Have you ever gotten so drunk that you literally felt like you weren't yourself anymore? Like you were kind of there in your body, but not fully? Or have you experienced a "blackout" where you don't actually remember anything and woke up to the realization that you had done some pretty terrible things the night before? Things that are not in alignment with your true character?

I have.

People see me on social media with all my food and gym posts and all my motivational sobriety posts and outdoors photos etc. but what they don't see behind the scenes is what it took to get me here. They don't see the nasty things I've done in the past. They don't see all of the things that used to cause me crippling shame before I learned how to heal them.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that always encouraged me to find my spiritual truth in my own way, in my own time and on my own terms. My Mom, Grandma and Grandpa are all Reiki Masters, so I grew up with this innate urge to heal those around me. If you are unfamiliar with Reiki, Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing through a "universal energy"to encourage emotional or physical healing. I am so grateful to have had this type of energy work introduced to me at such a young age.

I've always had a deep level of wisdom and understanding within me, although, for a season of my life, it was clouded by alcohol. Alcohol pushed me farther away from my higher power. Alcohol lessened my faith and spirituality. Alcohol made me a person I didn't want to become. Alcohol took over my life.

As we go through life we have so many experiences that change who we are as people. We are born innocent little beings who are the closest form of "true being" before being conditioned and molded to fit within this society. Certain experiences can cause fear, shame, grief, anger, disgust, loneliness, sadness etc. and these feelings when left un-checked can alter our behavior and thought patterns. From childhood to adulthood I experienced several forms of trauma. Overtime these traumas shaped my perception of life and of people. Overtime, that sweet and innocent little girl full of faith and understanding became confused, hardened and distant. Distant from people and distant from God.

Alcohol kept me at a lower vibration. If you look at it as good vs evil, it almost seems as if the evil saw the potential I had to become a powerful, strong, spiritual woman of God and knew that through the traumas and pain I experienced that I would be more susceptible to giving my power over to alcohol. It saw my suffering and knew that I could be easily manipulated to "numb the pain."I admit that sometimes I saw the evil and the darkness and through self-sabotaging beliefs and thoughts, I drank knowing what the potential outcomes could be. Every time I drank I gave that "evil" more power over me. I became more and more detached from my higher power until eventually it felt as if it was gone completely. There were times I felt possessed. Like I had left my body and let something else enter. Something that was not me. Having this experience time and time again, I began to get very confused. I was no longer able to tell what was me and what was not. This is scary you guys. A lot of people may not experience alcohol to this degree, but I promise you it's still happening on some level.

Is who you are when you drink in alignment with who you are when you are sober? Does this substance make you feel light, love and positivity? Is this substance helping you heal yourself? Is this substance helping you grow spiritually?

Alcohol masks pains and trauma. Alcohol depresses emotions. Alcohol leaves you vulnerable to danger. Alcohol distorts your perception. Alcohol keeps you functioning at a lower vibration. Alcohol takes you off track in your spiritual journey. Alcohol is your enemy.

lucky for us, our connection to our higher power, source, God (whatever you want to call it) is always within us. I feel like that is why when we suffer from alcohol abuse we feel like we are in a constant state of conflict. It's our true, authentic, loving, spiritual selves vs the darkness that is trying to keep us from progressing and making our way out of the pit. It wants to keep us stuck. It wants to keep us in a space of pain and suffering. But we are more powerful than that. When alcohol is taken away we are able to live our true and authentic lives. At that point, we become unstoppable. We become capable of anything. We become strong enough to heal ourselves. We become strong enough to heal others. We are ALL capable and worthy of this life we were given.

You don't have to do this alone. No matter how you feel about alcohol or sobriety, I promise you there is somebody out there who feels the same way. There are also many different paths to sobriety, you just need to find the one that works best for you.

That was a heavy topic, but I felt that it needed to come out. All I have is my experience and I feel passionately motivated to share it with you all. The good, the bad and the ugly.

With love,


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