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8 Reasons I Am THANKFUL For Sobriety

When I think about alcohol and Thanksgiving I think about the disaster that took place 2 years ago. It was the biggest train wreck of a Thanksgiving I can think of. I won't get into too much detail but there were friends, family and way too much booze, way too early in the day. There was plenty of drama, crying, embarrassment, blackouts and people driving when they very well shouldn't have been. Every holiday in the past (for the past couple of years) consisted of drinking first thing in the morning. Because, we didn't have work and had the whole day to relax with fam, so what's the harm? The harm is that when you have a house full of alcoholics who don't know when they've reached their limits, shit is GOING TO GO SOUTH at some point. There is no question about it. It makes me sad thinking back on it.

Those memories can be uncomfortable and painful to think about, but looking back and remembering only keeps me on track moving forward. It also makes me remember all of the reasons I am so grateful for sobriety.

#1. I get to be present.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and show gratitude for those you love. Being present in a conversation is a huge way to show respect to those you care about. By giving your undivided attention you are showing that you value that persons time and appreciate the time you get to spend with them. When I used to drink, I used to OBSESS about drinking even WHILE I was drinking. I was never fully present because I was too focuses on drinking and getting more drunk. I would miss out on meaningful conversations because my mind was always elsewhere.

#2. I get to remember.

That's what life is all about right? Spending time with the people you love and creating lasting memories together. Sobriety has given me the opportunity to create a life that I actually enjoy living. One that I am not constantly trying to escape from by drinking. Being sober has given me the opportunity to create a life that I WANT to be a part of and I WANT to remember.

#3. I am free.

Alcohol no longer has a hold of me. When I was first trying to quit, alcohol had so much control and power over me. It consumed my life and my mind and it felt like there was no getting away from it. I was obsessed. In the beginning it was so hard to change my habits and patterns and I was constantly overwhelmed by cravings. But now I realize that cravings are just that little demon needing strength. Each day I say no to alcohol the weaker it gets. It no longer has control over me. I am now in control over my own life and get to make my own decisions. I am finally free from the grasp of alcohol and free to be me.

#4. I am in control.

Being sober allows me to make conscious decisions. I am no longer blacking out and being hurtful and violent to the people I love. I am no longer waking up each and every morning having to apologize for my behavior. I no longer wake up each and every morning with the overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame and regret. I am in control of my life and I get to make aware and conscious decisions that are in alignment with my authentic character which is kind, genuine, compassionate and loving.

#5. I get to have a future.

Alcohol was ruining me and ruining my life. I was sad, depressed, confused, frustrated and ultimately just very unhappy because of alcohol. Alcohol had convinced me that I didn't want to live anymore. That was a lie. Now being sober I get to see how beautiful life really is. I get to see how much there is to look forward to. I get to have friends, a husband, a family, a career and ultimately I get to have anything I want in this life because I am sober.

#6. Friends & Family

Being sober has given me the chance to be a friend and family member worth having. I get to be the loving, kind, compassionate and generous person that my friends and family DESERVE. I get to be my true and authentic self and connect with people on a deep and meaningful level.

#7. Spirituality

I get to discover myself and strengthen my faith in my higher power. I get to figure out what I really believe without the cloud of alcohol.


The sober/recovery journey can be difficult and I think it's important to always remember what we are grateful for in our sobriety, not only on Thanksgiving, but each and every day.

With love,


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