• Demi Davidson

#ThursdayThoughts - Being conscious of the content we consume online

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

I took a little break from social media and BOY did it feel gooooood. It's interesting how addicting and consuming it can be. I was starting to notice how much of a burden it was becoming on my day-to-day life. My passion is writing this blog, running the Mindful Times Facebook group for people looking for support in their sobriety and ultimately just being available to help others through their journey in any way possible. Instagram is especially draining because it can easily become a game of comparison which can be super unhealthy if you let it. I started to feel that I was posting just to keep up with demand and constantly checking my phone to check direct messages and reply to comments etc. I was not being fully present in my life and was not giving my full attention to the people I was surrounded by. We also had some major life events happen in the past couple of weeks that really put things into perspective for me. I always want to make sure that I am pursuing my passion and not just doing things because I feel like that's what I need to do in order to keep up with today's society. I was never one to conform and I don't want to start now. I was starting to post things that I normally wouldn't, just because I saw it working for other people. The thing is though- I don't want to be like other people. There is so much beauty in our uniqueness and I felt that starting to diminish. I am grateful for my self awareness and my ability to recognize these things within myself before I lose myself completely. I think it's so important to constantly be asking ourselves "why am I doing the things I am doing?" During my social media break, I also realized how important it is to be aware of the content we are consuming. I noticed that when I wasn't constantly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, I wasn't comparing myself to anybody and this gave me the opportunity to really just be myself. It feels so damn good. I realize that this is a deeper issue that needs to be resolved through contemplation and addressing certain insecurities etc. and not just by avoidance but sometimes avoidance gives you the space necessary to take a deeper look. There are certain people/pages that made me feel negative emotions and I realized that I am in control of what I consume and if it makes me feel negatively then I need to not follow them anymore. I am really tightening up my circle and really keeping a small list of content I will consume including podcasts, audio books, inspirational/motivational/spiritual Instagram pages etc. We have a choice in EVERYTHING we do and if something doesn't make you feel good, cut it out. PERIOD. People, places, Instagram pages, tv shows, substances, bad habits etc.

I am ready to start treating my time as a valuable asset and check in daily on what I am allowing to take up space in my heart and mind.

With love,


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