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Sober Story - Fausto (@sober_faust)

Fausto Castellanos


I'm 26 years old turning 27 next week. My story actually started to unfold in my recovery. I've always loved to be active and drinking alcohol became a fun way to enjoy "myself" and what I mean MYSELF is it became a way for me to live life. I'm an introvert, who appears as a extrovert. I have social anxiety, but I appear very confident in speaking. I've been known as the nicest and happiest person, who loves to help others, but the truth is I'm a people pleaser who pleases to avoid rejection and abandonment. Helping others comes easy because I want to be loved and I know what I always wanted and never got.

3 Reasons why I quit drinking.

1. I Couldn't Drink Without Using Cocaine

Being a bartender, I was able to make so many friends in the bar industry, which allowed me to get free drinks anywhere I went. I loved to party and in order to keep the party going without blacking out, I used cocaine to keep me more alert. The "fun" turned into chaos when I couldn't even have a single beer without cocaine. I ended up having several day binges and having seizures due to cocaine overdoses. I even had near death experiences on multiple occasions.

2. Suicide

Once I started to lose things I loved in life due to my drinking and drugging, suicide was a repetitive thought in my head. Being intoxicated fed that thought. I remember drinking several days straight that included about 5 bottles of liquor and more than a 30 pack of beer in one sitting. I found out if I drink enough liquor between my cocaine I wouldn't have a seizure. Talk about insanity! Every time I would have a seizure I knew I had to increase my alcohol intake. I considered suicide as an option because I felt like I couldn't find a way to cope with my life and it felt like a never ending cycle.

3. My Mother Has Cancer

Talk about my own issues, my mother has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. When you don't have a father and you have a younger sister to take care of, the pressure of this situation gets more complicated. Keep in mind, my mother lost everything financially a year prior to this. Her depression, sadness, and watching her suffer 24/7 is a mental battle I wish on nobody. Especially when us alcoholics are CONTROL FREAKS! This was a situation I had no control over. Once I was seizing in my room while she was going through chemo and was in other room crying. I knew if I didn't get sober, I would lose our apartment and I would die leaving a huge burden on my sick mother.

"Truth of my Inner Battle"

I've gave you a quick summary of myself and why I got Sober. Here is the inner demons I was facing in my journey. When I was in elementary school I was sexually abused by an older kid. My father was emotionally and mentally abusive. I was molested when I was 15 by an older man. Codependency controlled my life in many heartbreaking relationships.

"My Dysfunctional Family"

My father was an alcoholic and my mother was a sweet women who suffered from being a para-alcoholic. Para meaning she didn't drink but she was an over-thinker, worrier and lived in fear. This caused me to develop survival traits which included people pleasing, control, negative inner voice, and all or nothing thinking.

My name is Fausto Castellanos and I'm a recovering alcoholic with almost 2 years Sober. Sobriety has blessed me with the opportunity to forgive my past life experiences and build a new life. I have a healthy love life, I can take care of my mother, I created a podcast and Instagram page giving back hope to others who are struggling. Most of all I don't have to live in FEAR anymore. Life is hard but now I know I can get past it without drinking my problems away.

Tools I've Used In My Journey to Sobriety

Podcast- Impact Theory, School of Greatness

Meditation- Headspace

AA- 12 Steps

Books- Lust for Life, Mask of Masculinity, Who Says You Can't, You Do

Instagram Accounts- Vexking, Jay Shetty

Fitness- Jump Rope

Community- Other Alcoholics (accountability partners)

Higher Power- God of your understanding.

We are dedicated to helping those looking for sobriety, and those who are in sobriety. We are creating content to show you that sober is sexy and lots of fun with the right mindset. We have dealt with a rough journey of addiction, sexual abuse, cancer, suicidal thoughts, and heartbreak. We want to give back now by showing our sober community the ways we got through it.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about my journey, or share yours, you can find my contact information below.

Email: Soberfaust@gmail.com

Instagram: Sober_faust

YouTube: Sober Weekly

Website: www.soberfaust.com

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