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"Alcohol Lied to Me" and supplements that aid in repairing what has been damaged by alcohol.

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

I used to be the "super healthy" person that worked out a ton, ate a healthy diet and refused to eat anything processed or sugary. Meanwhile, I ignored the important facts about a toxic substance I was putting into my body daily. Not just a little amount of a toxic substance, but a very large amount. My body and mental health were suffering, and I was feeling like a total hypocrite.

No matter where you stand on the subject of alcohol, I think it's important to be informed about something that is so common in our society. A lot more people struggle with it than you may think, and everyone's struggle looks different.

"Alcohol Lied to Me" is a book written by Craig Beck that takes you through his journey with alcohol and gives insight into the science and psychology behind it's use. In one chapter he explains how alcohol can create imbalance in the body and how you can use supplements to aid in repairing damage.


Supplementing can be key to correcting the chemical imbalance caused by drinking once quitting and can also help with cravings. Beck recommends the following:

1,000 mg Omega 3 Fish Oil 3x/day

-repairs neurodamage

-replenishes healthy and essential fats in your brain

-helps with symptoms of depression.

Daily Multivitamin- High in Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc

-ensures you are getting an ample amount of nutrients daily and replaces what has been lost.

Vitamin B Complex 1x/day

-repairs damage and increases energy.

Tryptophan- 5HTP 100 mg/night

-creates and balances serotonin

-decreases the feeling of depression

-helps create a better sleep pattern. (You should start to notice that it becomes easier to fall asleep, you stay asleep longer and you feel more rested when you wake in the morning.)

-mood regulation

The cranberry pills in the photo have nothing to do with the book, I take them daily for women's health.

These are just a few highlights from one specific chapter. If any of this is at all interesting to you, I highly recommend this book. I appreciate Beck's informative, straight to the point, no bullshit approach.

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