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Health, Fitness, Alcohol Journey

I have been into health, fitness and athletics for as long as I can remember. We grew up in a home out in what I would consider "the boonies" in Escondido, California. As kids, we had it all. Dirt bikes, mountain bikes, skateboards, scooters, a pool, trampoline, acres to run wild on. I can remember being extremely active my entire life.

(photo of 4 year old Demi just absolutely ripped!)

Throughout my childhood and into high school and college I excelled at sports (soccer, track etc.). Now as an adult, I still find so much fulfillment and enjoyment from staying active and keeping my body and mind in good health.

I've tried just about every type of diet to stay in shape.


- vegan

_intermediate fasting

-high fat

-plant based

-raw foods

-dairy free

-low fat


-low carbs


-high healthy fats

-high protein


-master cleanse

-various "detoxes"

I feel like I've tried just about EVERYTHING hoping to figure out what works best for me and my body. And while I love being healthy, I will admit there is a fair amount of vanity involved as well. Who doesn't want to feel AND look good? Diet after diet, workout plan after workout plan, and I still couldn't get my body to where I wanted it to be. No matter how lean I got, there was STILL this stubborn layer of fat around my belly as well as puffiness in my face. I hated it.

I worked at bars and nightclubs for a majority of my 20's, always surrounded by alcohol and people who honestly didn't really care about their health or physical appearance. I spent late nights out with "friends" at the bars or fancy dinners eating and drinking. and drinking. and drinking.

I'd wake up in the morning with a hangover from hell, but somehow still determined to make it to the gym. I feel as though in my head I was balancing the equation. Nights of bad food and alcohol, but still making it to my workouts and drinking my green juice and kombucha, expecting results.

While the workouts might have kept me from becoming overweight, I was not healthy, nor was I anywhere close to achieving my fitness goals. I was always half in, half out.

Only recently, after having to take a good hard look at my relationship and abuse of alcohol, did I realize what it was actually doing to my body.

1. Increase in appetite (eating crap)

2. Consuming empty calories (beer and whiskey)

3. Disrupts sleep patterns (waking up at 4 am restless)

4. Low energy (toxic body)

5. Poor for mental health (depression, anxiety, imbalance)

The list can go on and on. Not to mention, when I FINALLY realized how much alcohol I was consuming, I also finally realized that it was about 400-800+ calories per day. So while I was tracking every calorie I ate during the day with "My Fitness Pal", by the time I got to the end of the work day and began drinking, the calorie counting had been thrown out the window.

The point I am trying to make here is that, depending on your goals, it is nearly impossible to reach your full physical fitness potential while still being a binge drinker (and in my case, and nightly alcohol abuser). Once I cut out the alcohol, I also began to cut out the belly fat (who would've thunk).


Atlanta 2013/2014(ish). Cocktail waitressing, drinking just about anything and everything (FYI: Fireball is 108 calories, 11 grams of sugar in one shot. I'd sometimes have about 7-10 in a night). I had a personal trainer at this time, but remember very vividly getting the drunken munchies and Ubering to the Taco Bell drive thru at 3 AM.

Mexico 2017. I had worked out 5 days a week for 3 months preparing for this trip. I got pretty fit, but like I mentioned before, the stubborn belly fat remained. Here I am, after all of that hard work, drinking my beloved "Miami Vice" (300-650 calories per drink, depending on who made it, and upwards of 60 grams of sugar)

And here I am today. Alcohol free. That sparkle back in my eyes. Working out hard, paying attention to my diet (but having a little wiggle room for sweets/calories in place of alcohol). Loving the way I look and feel, and enjoying my new furry companion and quality time with my family.

With love,


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